Community Garden


           Community Garden



What is a community garden?

A garden that is developed, planted, tended, and harvested by community members.

Our Funkstown garden will be on land in the Town Park and will be organized, managed, and gardened by Funkstown residents.

What are the benefits of having a community garden?

An opportunity for those residents without a garden area to have a vegetable garden.

Fresh vegetables and outdoor exercise that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Fresh vegetables to donate to those in need and to food banks.

Sharing gardening skills and knowledge with those residents who are new to gardening.

A renewed sense of community involvement for those who participate in the garden.



What do we need to do to get started?

Please join us and take part in developing our Funkstown Community Garden.

We will have an organizing meeting on Tuesday June 6th at 6:30 pm at pavilion 2 (near the tennis courts) in the Funkstown Town Park.

Questions: Email or call town office at 301-791-0948.


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